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Solution Brief

Rapsys Vehicle Monitoring Solutions with 4G SIM , FHD Video Quality for vehicle surveillance camera has made users of choice for vehicle security, and GPS tracking solutions to ensure Student, people and driver safety across the world. you can monitor your vehicle, bus, truck, cash van and school from from anywhere, anytime using our 4G SIM Based Cloud CCTV Camera along with video compression and bandwidth consumption algorithm.

Key Features

Video Surveillance Systems for School, Vehicle, Transport, Cab, Cash Van and Volvo Bus Live Remote Monitoring

Remote viewing
Fast installation
Live GPS Tracking
Live Remote Monitoring

4G SIM Connectivity
Video Compression
B/W & Storage Cost Saving
Alerts & Push Notification

SIM Base Vehicle Solution Detail

Our Vehicle surveillance needs no wires. Each camera is 4G SIM enabled and transmits data over mobile internet. You can keep an eye on multiple vehicles simultaneously to ensure safety of assets, kids, people and student. We even help you monitor remotely using your tab or smartphone from any location across the world.

Our in-vehicle surveillance system is for anyone who needs to monitor their fleet activities. You can use our solution for school buses, delivery vans, cabs and ambulances. It only needs mobile coverage or Wi-Fi to monitor the fleet.

As there is an increase in technology in the world sometimes it becomes confusing to find the perfect item which we want but “Ambicam” product will dissolve all query. Ambicam, a 100% wire-free, FHD resolution, Low bandwidth consumption operates on 4G-LTE and 3G networks. An ideal video monitoring solution with no nvr/dvr, no wiring hassles when in an area with limited or no WIFI access.

School Bus Monitoring
Transport Truck Monitoring
Cash Van Monitoring
Ambulance Monitoring
Volvo Bus Monitoring

4G SIM Base Smart Cloud Camera for Vehicle and Bus Monitoring

100% Wire-free: 4G security camera no longer require messy wires/cables so directly it will save your cost and keep your place clean

East to install: The plug and play 4G Camera system do not require you to climb through fish wires.

Remote monitoring: Monitor your property remotely from any location on the planet

Cost-saving: Save 80% of your bandwidth and storage cost.

Live to stream: Access live streams from your desktop, mobile, and tablets

Recording option: 4G camera has a slot of SD card for recording purpose that would be a cost-effective option for all